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Biyaheng Bonifacio - Rodriguez, Rizal and Diliman, Quezon City (Jun 8, 2013): Pamitinan Cave and Krus na Ligas

Pamitinan Cave - Rodriguez, Rizal

Historical Note:

Early leaders and members of the Katipunan including Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto, Restituto Javier, Guillermo Masangkay, Aurelio Tolentino, Faustino Manalak, and Pedro Zabala conducted secret initiation rites in the cave and wrote on the walls "Viva la Independencia!"

Travel Note:

Gel and I commuted via LRT2 going to Cubao and met Kris at the McDonald's branch near the station to have a quick breakfast before 7:00 AM.  We then waited for a commuter van that will take us to Rodriguez, Rizal (we paid P50/person for the trip).  Travel time from Cubao to Rizal (near Eastwood Residences) was nearly an hour. We then hired a tricycle for P60 to take us to the Wawa Dam site.  We arrived at the site before 8:30 AM.

We went immediately to the local tourism office and they asked Mike, one of their staff to guide us to the Paminitan cave since they already removed the temporary hanging bridge.  They also informed us that we can't go inside the cave due to safety concerns but we also told them that we only needed to take pictures outside of the cave.

Little did we know how much of an 'adventure' this trip would be :) 

 Gel and Kris enjoying the tricycle ride going to the Wawa dam site.

 Me and Kris in front of the local tourism office.  Shown in the background is a tarp for the Biyaheng Bonifacio Tour

Just before we crossed the river.  Mike, our guide, initially thought this route would be our quickest option but after a quick glance at the water, he decided to look for another spot for us to cross. The cave can be seen across the river just above the group of greenery to our left.

 Our new friends:  Tam-tam (L) and Jan-jan (R).  While crossing the river, these two kids told us:  "marami pong teroristang nagpupunta dito (there are many terrorists visiting this place)"  I initially wanted to laugh out loud but I controlled myself....Gel being a devoted teacher, gently corrected the boys and told them:  "baka naman turista and ibig ninyong sabihin? (You may be thinking of tourists, not terrorists, right?"  Gel really has charisma for kids :) 

 "Saklolo?"  :)

 Picture taken by one of the kids.

 It took us a good 30 minutes to cross the river and climb up the mouth of the cave.  Good thing we decided to wear hiking sandals that day AND bring drinking water :)

 We would have wanted to see the "Viva la Independiencia" inscription of the Katipuneros but the cave was 'locked' that day.

 We also saw a memorial for all Japanese soldiers killed during a battle in World War 2.

 By the time we made it back to the tourism office, it was nearly 11:00 AM.  Good thing that we  were back since we were seeing rain clouds nearby.

 On our way back to Eastwood Residences, we saw a small-time quarry operation  with workers manually doing the digging without safety harnesses!  I even saw a guy standing at the side of a mountain (about 20 stories high) using just a pick-axe...

Krus na Ligas - Diliman Quezon City

Historical Note:

The site was used as a resting place by Bonifacio and his men during the revolution.

Travel Note:

From Rodriguez, Rizal, Mike, our guide, told us to take a van that will pass through Commonwealth Ave going to Philcoa (near University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City).  What's good about Mike's suggestion was that the route saved us needed time to get to our next destination.  Travel time to Philcoa was about 50 minutes.  We then boarded a "UP-ikot" jeepney. 

 We took this picture of Bonifacio at the pedestrian overpass at Philcoa just before boarding a jeepney that will take us through UP Diliman and to our destination.  Do inform the jeepney driver that you're headed for "Krus na Ligas."  I unfortunately mentioned to the driver that we were headed for Holy Cross Parish which is a different church located inside the campus premises :)  Whatever prompted me to say "Holy Cross Parish" to the driver, well, I can't remember it anymore hahaha!  

Once the driver tells you that you're now in Krus na Ligas, you can either walk to the site (just ask around for directions to the church) or ride a tricycle (the driver without blinking an eye, charged us P38 for an incredible less-than-300-meter-ride!)

 After taking our pictures at the site, we proceeded to walk back to the main road and chanced upon a local eating place called "Carinderia Sefali."   It was actually Gel and Kris who saw the place and since they noticed two foreigners eating there, they figured that the food must be good :)

 Yup, food was definitely good and the place was cozy.  We even noted several students who dined after we left.  Must be a 24-hour eating place popular to UP students...

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