Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Biyaheng Bonifacio - Brgy Bahay Toro, Quezon City (Jun 8, 2013): Cry of Pugad Lawin Shrine

Historical Note:

In the last days of August 1896, Bonifacio called for a mass gathering of Katipunan members in Caloocan (Balintawak was considered the official site between 1908 and 1963 but the Philippine government decided to change it to Pugad Lawin, Quezon City in 1963) .  It was during this period that they decided to start a nationwide armed revolution against Spain and they did so by tearing up their cedulas (community tax certificates). 

Personal Note:

I deliberately posted this on June 12 as my way of celebrating our Independence Day for one reason:  I agree that the "Cry of Pugad Lawin" was the flashpoint of the Philippine Revolution but I also believe that this single event is even more historic than the first flag raising ceremony held in Kawit, Cavite.  Just imagine thousands of Katipuneros converging on this site and shouting their hearts out and declaring open rebellion on their colonizers!  If ever there would be a functional time machine right now with an option to go back at any given time - I'd choose this event and readily shake hands with the Supremo!!!  

Travel Note:

From Diliman, Quezon City, we rode a cab going to the area near the Roosevelt station of LRT1 (due to traffic near North Edsa, we ended up paying P120 for the 30 minute cab ride).  We then walked towards Congressional Ave. near the S&R outlet to ride a tricycle to the Pugad Lawin Shrine (we paid the tricycle driver P70 for the round-trip ride).

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