Monday, June 3, 2013

Biyaheng Bonifacio - Maragondon, Cavite (Jun 1, 2013): Execution Site

Travel time from the Trial House to the Execution Site by tricycle will take about 30 minutes.  The Biyaheng Boni website recommends visitors to do a (min) one-hour hike to the site.  Mind you, the route is  about 50% dirt road and you need to be familiar with the surroundings so a driver/guide that is from Maragondon is your best shot at reaching the site without any hassles.  One more helpful tip:  visit the Maragondon sites BEFORE the rainy season since it will be very difficult for you to travel in bad weather.

Personal thoughts:  What could have happened if after the Tejeros Convention, Bonifacio's small group managed to slip out of Cavite and make it back to Montalban?  He might have very well charged Aguinaldo and the entire Magdalo faction with treason because of the way they treated him in Tejeros.  Or maybe he would still keep Aguinaldo and utilize his strategic skills and contacts with the elite to bring a faster conclusion to the revolution?  Sadly, we would never know the answers.

One thing's for sure, Bonifacio never waivered in his idea of armed struggle to free the Filipino masses and this is the reason why even though he may not be a military genius, he is still recognized as the "Father of the Philippine Revolution."

Final travel tip:  Locals especially the tricycle drivers at the Maragondon junction will immediately offer their services as guides to the two sites.  Learn to haggle properly with them; we spent a total of P600 for Anthony to take us to both sites and the Casa Hacienda de Naic which is another 30 minutes drive from Maragondon junction.  Bring refreshments as well since there are only a few stores along the way.

 Kristina posing while Anthony and I clear the first 'bamboo checkpoint'

 Gel posing while Anthony and I clear the first 'bamboo checkpoint'

 The first "bamboo checkpoint."  These are bamboo sticks placed in 2 selected areas along the route to keep cattle from roaming free.

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